Feedback on Programs

Prevention Video of the Month Program, January 2010

"I just watched Truth & Choices. It really hit home. So many families are struggling with a member involved in addiction. It is hard on the entire family. I was wondering how Shane is doing now that he spent his time in State Prison? I saw that he was to be paroled in 2009. Where and how do inmates begin to start a new life? I pray for Shane and all others who struggle with addiction and for the families to remain strong in these difficult times."

Fifth Grade PTO/Alliance Partnership Program

The drug program that you sponsored a couple of weeks ago was wonderful. We were incredibly impressed with the program itself as well as the great turnout of the students and parents (i.e., over 500). We especially want to thank the district for inviting us. Our daughter, is a sixth grader in a non-public school. She will be coming to Pine Richland, as did her older brother and sister, when she enters the high school in 9th grade. Our other son, attended Pine Richland schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. We are glad that the school district included us in the invitation to the program and feel confident that when our daughter comes to Pine Richland for high school she will be in good hands.

Alliance Radio Program with Marty Griffin

The meeting was wonderful. The speakers were great - short, to the point answers.
I loved the idea that the program was around "perspective". The students who spoke - either on the agenda or in the audience were so powerful. I wish Districts could hear all of this. We are still so much in the dark! Thanks again for all of your work. You could tell how much "thought" was put into the program and speakers, etc.

Alliance Radio Program with Marty Griffin

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job yesterday! This program was one of the best that I have ever been to. I wish all of our students and parents could have been there to hear what was said.

Town Hall Meeting

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work in putting together the drug town hall meeting last week. It was outstanding! On her way to the airport, Mary Ann Solberg raved about the day to one of our staffers and praised the Alliance for its vast grassroots efforts. She commented that you guys are way ahead of the game and that you really impressed her! I'll see you at the next Alliance meeting!

General Memberhip Meeting

It was good to meet both of you this morning at the Alliance breakfast. The program was informative. I found myself marveling that I was in a group of people who clearly were not at this meeting "performa" - but who genuinely and passionately cared for kids. May your efforts prosper. I have written a note to our deacon board suggesting a donation to the Alliance. I cannot make any promises but I hope some unbudgeted monies might be found.

General Memberhip Meeting

I personally want to thank you and Debbie for a great meeting today. It's wonderful to see so many people in-tuned and show the compassion they did today for such a terrible epidemic. The two boys, Josh and Barry brought me to tears and I'm not sure if it was for what they must endure or for what the families must endure. Maybe a little of both.

North Hills School District "Listen" Program

As some of you may recall, this past Wednesday evening I attended the drug awareness program at North Hills Junior High with my fifth-grade son. Probation Officer Hathaway and Magisterial District Judge Opiela attended live, and Probation Officer Woodward attended via his fine performance in the "drug paraphernalia" educational video that was presented. I found the program very valuable. It was well presented, authoritative, informative, and most significantly to me - an excellent "springboard" opportunity for me to initiate some important discussions with my son regarding the topics addressed. The feedback I received from other parents who attended was universally positive. I appreciate all of you taking the time to participate in the program and your continued commitment to the children of our community - including my own.