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The Alliance's Dissolution */ View this email in your browser The Alliance's Dissolution In 2003, 12 northern area schools joined efforts to establish The Alliance. The primary goal of this Alliance was to raise awareness of the drug culture our children were facing and offer hope through community programs for families suffering from drug use and addiction. Over the past 13 years the Alliance has met with thousands of families, educators, faith based youth ministers, local law enforcement and government officials to raise this awareness. Because The Alliance believes strongly in prevention/early intervention, we know that we made an impact and helped families not... Read More
Leaf Science */ Leaf Science View this email in your browser Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana: CBD and how it can help without the psycho effects of getting high. Now that medical marijuana has become legalized in Pennsylvania, it is important to know the difference between using this substance to obtain a high or using it for a true medicinal  need.Read more... Read More
Gateway Newsletter */ Gateway Newsletter View this email in your browser AWAITING DESCRIPTION Copyright © *|2016|* *|the allaince|*, All rights reserved. Want to change how you receive... Read More
Marijuana Misperceptions  */ Misperceptions about Marijuana Top 10 Dear Alliance Friends, This month our Pittsburgh City Council voted to decriminalize marijuana possession within city limits. As society becomes more lenient and seemingly less concerned with marijuana use as a recreational drug, now more than ever it is imperative that we send the right messages to our children: marijuana use is NOT acceptable.  The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association has produced the pamphlet: “Top 10 Misperceptions about Marijuana” that can be used as a resource guide when talking to children about the danger not only for potential dependency on marijuana but how it can lead to the use of other substances. Although not all marijuana users... Read More
Marijuana Misperceptions */ Misperceptions about Marijuana Top 10 View this email in your browser Misperceptions about Marijuana Top 10 1. Marijuana is harmless. n Associated with increased risks of mental illness, heart disease, cancer, lung disease and stroke n Contains 3-5 times the amount of carcinogens as tobacco n Emergency Room visits from marijuana side-effects are greater than all other substances combined 2. Marijuana is medicine. n Rejected for medicinal use by prominent national health organizations n Combustible leaf marijuana has no medical contribution n In medical marijuana states, less than 3% of users have cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, etc. 3. The marijuana... Read More
Intranasal Naloxone */ Intranasal Naloxone View this email in your browser Due to the current crisis regarding overdose deaths across the western Pennsylvania region, please be advised that the antidote Naloxone for opioid overdose is now available through all CVS Pharmacies without need for a prescription.   Naloxone is an antidote for opioid overdose that reverses the effects opioids can cause including preventing the death of the user.  Naloxone only works if opioids are present in the... Read More
Pennsylvania BEWARE */ Marijuana legalization represents big money  View this email in your browser Pennsylvania BEWARE Marijuana legalization represents big money and we are on the cusp oflegalizing it here in our state.The website: "Smart Colorado" is a must read to understand the seriousconsequences of legalizing this substance; as it impacts our children andour families.We must overturn the current apathy towards marijuana use by becoming strongadvocates against it. Read More by clicking the image above or type in your browser... Read More
Summer Tips */ “Schools Out For Summer” View this email in your browser Facebook Twitter Website... Read More
Help Build a Drug-Free Society */ View this email in your browser Dear Alliance Members, As we begin this New Year, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your support in our efforts to raise awareness concerning youth drug use and the serious impact it has on our families. Over the past decade, the Alliance has worked diligently to educate our schools, parents, students and community via programs, educational videos and resources located on our website.   We know that our parent programs are making an impact.  During a 5th grade parent program held at the North Hills Middle School last fall, 74% of the parents who took the post program survey indicated that... Read More
6 Steps to Sanity */ View this email in your browser Facebook Twitter Website 6 Steps to Sanity... Read More