History of the Alliance

The concept of the Northern Area Alliance Against Highly Addictive Drugs was formally introduced on October 17, 2002 at a joint meeting of school and community leaders representing twelve southwestern Pennsylvania school districts. Unfortunately, this effort was in part due to the tragic death of a young girl from a cocaine overdose. This clearly served as a wake-up call that highly addictive drugs are a serious threat in our region.

Over the past decade, the Alliance produced “Listen” video program has made thousands of people in our region aware of this serious threat to our youth. Most significantly, the Alliance has encouraged and supported community-wide participation and leadership. The Alliance has successfully conducted the following initiatives:

  •  Coalition Building and Management
  • Parent, Teacher & Community Education
  • Linking with Schools and School Services
  • Where-To-Turn Training
  • Linking with Community Resources
  • Student Programs and Leadership Events
  • Web Page Development/Membership
  • Fund Raising
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Outreach, Dissemination and Replication.

Operationally, The Pennsylvania Alliance for Safe and Drug Free Children (formally known as the Alliance Against Highly Addictive Drugs) has completed the following:

  • Non-Profit Corporation – EIN #20-1667732
  • Personnel and Payroll (Executive Director)
  • Insurances
  • 501 (c) 3

Currently, the Alliance is expanding programs throughout the Pittsburgh region and offering website resources across the Southwestern counties of Pennsylvania.

"The Alliance: A Decade in Review"  2003-2013

August 2005:
  • Hired Debra Kehoe as full time Executive Director
  • Completed Strategic and Business plans
  • Established PTO Parent Partnership Program
  • Established toll free non-crisis number for where to turn
  • Developed Resource directory for distribution
  • Implemented a member-at-large program for other area school memberships
  • First 7th Grade Student Poster Contest and Award Luncheon

   Year #1 Auto Dealer Campaign Drive raised $15,092

  • “Deception” was produced
  • “Signs of Trouble” was produced
  • “Breaking the Code of Silence” was produced
  • Established office in SewickleyDeveloped an on-line resource directory
  • Distributed mini cd’s to navigate the alliance website

   Year #2 Auto Dealer Campaign Drive raised $19,009

  • “What Help Looks Like” video was produced
  • “The 3 R’s in Prevention Education” was produced

   Year #3 Auto Dealer Campaign Drive raised $24,500

  • On-Demand educational videos offered (required password)
  • Booster Sponsor Program
  • Distributed the first annual Alliance Program Selection Guide
  • “Teen’s Talking” video was produced
  • Created a Flip Brochure
  • Incorporated “talking points” for on-line video series, made all videos available 24/7
  • Funding Campaigns: “Basket Raffles” and “Blast to the Past”
  • Dr. Wille resigned as Board President to become part time outreach specialist
  • Website management transferred from Consolidate Communications to Houk Consulting
  • Revised 7th Grade Poster Contest to include both art and written expression

   Year #4 Auto Dealer Campaign Drive raised $28,627

  • NAME CHANGE: The Pennsylvania Alliance for Safe and Drug Free Children
  • Created Resource Calendar for distribution
  • Piloted Parent/Student Transition Program at Pine-Richland School District
  • Piloted Student Alliance Program at North Hills School District

   Year #5 Auto Dealer Campaign Drive raised $30,000



  • 2012-2013:  “Listen II” video was produced and used in Parent/Student Transition Programs
  • “Message of Hope” fund raising event
  • Student Alliance Program incorporated in 6 member schools

   Year #6 Auto Dealers Campaign Drive raised $22,000


  • Expanded Resource Calendar
  • Developed Program for parents of children k-4th grade
  • Participated on US Attorney David Hickton's work force to address overdose prevention
  • Held second annual student alliance summit and ninth annual 7th grade poster contest

  Year #7 Auto Dealers Campaign Drive raised $22,000